Look at all of our delicious delights!


Our donuts and sweet rolls are made from scratch each morning to provide you with the best quality products we’ve become known for.


Lemon (topped with powder sugar)
Strawberry (topped with powder sugar)
Apple (topped with cinnamon sugar)
Black Raspberry (with sugar topping or our home made white frosting)
Peanut Stick
Cinnamon Sugar Glazed
Cinnamon Sugar (with maple frosting and peanuts on top)
Plain Glazed
Sugared Long Donut
Chocolate (topped with sprinkles)
White Cream (with a powder sugar or chocolate topping)
Bavarian Custard (with a powder sugar or chocolate topping)
Chocolate Custard (with a powder sugar or chocolate topping)

Sweet Rolls

Strawberry (with homemade icing)
Pineapple (with homemade icing)
Cheese (with homemade icing)
Cinnamon Sugar w/Raisins (topped with almond slices or coconut and our homemade icing)

We Offer Paczkis On Friday & Saturday!


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